Situated in a relaxing rural environment just a few minutes from Brodie Castle, Brodie Countryfare is a wonderful day out and well worth a visit. This unique country store comprises several different departments for all of your shopping needs. The restaurant provides the ideal opportunity for […]
Magnificent turreted castle with a playful garden and over 400 varieties of daffodil. Step back in time on a guided tour to the castle’s glory days, when the Brodie family were one of Scotland’s most prominent families. The Playful Garden is home to a fascinating menagerie […]
Findhorn is a living model for the future. Every year we welcome thousands of fellow-adventurers from all over the world to participate in the workshops, conferences and special events. Pause. Be present. Connect. That’s how we begin most activities – by taking a moment to become […]
The Best Adventures in the UK We offer the best white water rafting in the UK and other adventure activities from our glamping and camping site in Moray, Scotland. Based in Moray on the Logie Estate by the River Findhorn in the highlands of Scotland, UK. The area offers spectacular scenery and […]